Friday, March 14, 2014


Get it to-fucking-gether is all I can think of right now. Some things on the internet have warnings, triggers they're called, to keep people from falling off the deep end. The deep end is a dark and dreary place. I know cause I am there. It's dark and I'm alone. Not alone really though my other half is snoring away in the other room as if his life depended on it.
Maybe when you watch a movie after a couple deaths in the family and a couple drinks during dinner you cry through a couple paper towel rolls. That's normal right?
Balling like a baby practically calling for my mommy. Only she's dead. See above.
I can't even call for my gramma, yep, you guessed it, see above.
They died within months of each other. My mother and my paternal Grandmother. Shitty year if you ask me.
I'm ok. it's just that this movie ripped me apart. Tore me from emotional limb from emotional limb. I am a lamb, tender and easily broken.
The premise is a love story, a couple and their child. They make music together and have a love of Appalachian americana that I can totally idealize about. Banjos, cowboy boots and they are a still away from making moonshine.What got me was the raw bleeding emotional vulnerability of the two main characters as they traveled their path. You hope for the best but the story bogs you down, beats you over the head, drags you down a dark ally, leads you to an abandoned warehouse of despair where you pull up all your feelings and dissolve.
Grab a tissue or three thousand and let the dam burst.
Tears are antifreeze for the soul.

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